Friday, June 29, 2012

Spring/Summer time

Lucy, Norah, and I took Kate to get her ears pierced on friday May 18th at Tuttle mall. We went to Claire's and Lucy picked out these cute little round diamond earrings for her. She did great, cried for a minute or two and then it was done. They look so cute!! Sometimes I get a hard time about piercing ears so early but I have done all of my girls at 3 months and they have all done awesome. If you wait too long they pick and pull at them and if you wait until they are older most of the time it ends up being a traumatic experience. I figure too, if they get older and don't want earrings in, then they can take them out and let the holes grow in, although, what little girl doesn't want their ears pierced. I have no regrets and think they are darling!

Upper Arlington Spring Party at Sunny 95 park. These balls were so fun!

The kids loved them, I swear it was 200 degrees inside but still a blast and a great workout! I think my hips were sore the next day, pretty weak, I know.

I love this little dress. I wish I had one for each stage of her life.

Norah loves animals!

The kiddies all hanging out in the front yard on a blanket.

Norah had a little haircut in hopes to help those bangs grow in a little better.

Our family on Kate's blessing day..

My mom and dad came out for the blessing, it was so fun! I love them so much and am so grateful for their love and support.

Grandpa, grandma, and our 3 crazy kids that won't look at the camera. Little pills!

My sweet mom, I don't know what I'd do without her!

Bee (Candice, my sis, Bee is her middle name and nickname) and her cute little boy, Landon, came for the blessing as well and stayed a week to hang out. We had so much fun just doing the mom thing together. I wish we lived closer to each other. It is so nice to have each other to go get drinks, go on walks, go to the store, watch Ellen, play outside with the kids etc sometimes I get a little bored doing things on my own even though my kids are there. It is nice to have a little adult conversation and company sometimes. I miss that about being closer to home. I have lots of friends out here but it's not the same as having family. I'm so glad they were able to come, we had such a fun time.

Either Landon was really happy or really sad to go home because he got A LOT of attention especially from Norah. She would not leave the poor boy alone haha

Best little cousin buddies

My little Kate Victoria on her blessing day
June 3, 2012
Riverside Ward, Columbus, Ohio 9 am
Such a sweet little baby!

These baby chicks hatched the last week of school..

Lucy and her friends eating snow cones at field day, Norah joined them too.

Lucy loved these baby chicks! They were pretty cute!

Norah is such a funny little girl. She wanted to catch fireflies every night.. she would go out and catch them with her fingers and put them in a jar. She was so proud of her new skill!

I love Lucy's favorite food.. haha pepperoni pizza, spelled so wrong.

Last day of kindergarten. t-shirt signing, the kids thought it was so cool they could write on each others shirts.

Kate was always a big hit when we would go over to the school.

One of my all time favorite pictures! Elise, Colin, Norah, and Lucy. It was so dang hot that day but the kids didn't care. These kids love to play together! Such a cute, classic kid picture.

A little lemonade stand with the neighbor kids

I can't get enough of these cute little tutu dresses, I love having little girls!

First day of swimming at Tremont pool. I am sure we will be spending plenty of time here and at Reed Road water park this summer.

Lucy loves her baby Kate! She is such a good big sis.

Dave signed me and my 2 friends (Rachel and Debbie, their husbands signed them up) for tennis lessons for Mother's Day. It was so much fun! The guys took turns taking care of the kids at the park while we played. Our husbands are all residents so we never knew who would show to take the kids since they sometimes don't even know their schedules but it worked out and we were never left without one of the guys there. Here is Dave holding 2 babies, getting his boy fix. A big thank you to them. Probably one of the best Mother's day gifts.

My little chub! We always have to get a picture of her next to this little pig, because she is a little pig and likes to eat! At 3 months she weighed 14 lbs 4 oz and was 24 inches long. She is a great baby except that she likes to SCREAM in her carseat! Who knows why but I really hope she grows out of it soon because it isn't fun to go anywhere when she cries the entire time.

Here she is in her car seat and not screaming ahhh but being picked on by her sisters haha

Norah holding Kate's hand (again) while asleep, so cute!

Kate asleep in the shopping cart, grocery shopping with 3 kids is so much fun :) Norah loves the eagles nest but Lucy is too cool lately to go so she has been coming with me. I have a full cart at the end so bringing the car seat and putting it in the cart isn't an option so I end up holding Kate and she is getting heavy and I need two hands for some things so this is her new spot. I had so many people say how cute it was that she was asleep.

They were doing face painting at the eagles nest and Lucy had Bella with her so they all decided to go, I was pretty impressed and a little creeped out by Lucy, she was a panda.

Creepy eh?

Tennis lessons.. so fun! My face hurt by the end of the lesson because we laughed at each other so much. It was a great time!

Hiking with the kids or walking on a trail should I say..

Dave and Ken (our neighbor) took the kids to this waterfall close by on Memorial Day.. I think I took a nap with Kate :) I love when Dave is off.

Summer is off to a good start.. it's going to be a good one!

Friday, May 11, 2012

My sweet little Norah turns 3!

I can't believe Norah is 3! When we moved to Ohio she was 6 weeks old. She is growing up too fast. We had a party for her with about 8 families and their kids. Her favorite friends that she always talks about at Mikah and Sophie, Colin and Elise, Bella and Joey, and Reese and Paisley so we had them come to the party. Here is the official party planner, Lucy.

Party planner #2, Dave

I ordered the cake from Sams Club and it was soooo good! It turned out so cute! She requested flowers and butterflies. Dave requested the chocolate :)

My mom sent these darling dresses to the girls, they were perfect party dresses. Norah wants to wear her "butterfly dress" everyday.

She is so cute! She looks like a little chub in this picture but she is a tiny little thing in real life.

Norah was so excited about her little playhouse. They play in it all of the time. It will definitely be a big hit over the summer. I love that she has pajama pants on under her dress. She also loves her pink sparkly shoes.

Our family of 5, crazy!

She would never stick her fingers in the frosting haha

T-roy and EZO scoopin up the ice cream

Norah opening presents, she loves her little doll house.

Dad's decoration, nothin like a little sidewalk chalk on the driveway.

Playing with the goods, I love Norah's hair in the morning. It is so crazy and hard to comb through.

Some things about Norah..
Her favorite color is purple.
She loves to sing and dance.
She loves dolls of any kind and princess/barbie movies.
She falls asleep with one hand on her bottle and the other holding Kate's hand.
She is obsessed with dresses and wants to wear one every day.
She changes her clothes atleast 3 times a day just for fun/create more laundry for mommy.
She wont keep bows, pins, headbands, etc in her hair
She sometimes poops and pees in the potty.
She refuses to wear a pullup unless it has Tangled on it.
She can't live without her sippy and milk especially when she is tired.
She loves to go to the gym with mommy and loves to get lunch after. She always requests a cheese quesidilla from Chipotle, grilled cheese from Steak and Shake, KFC bowl, pizza from speedway, or mac and cheese from Panera. She's too cool for a peanut butter and jelly from home.
She LOVES to color!
She tells funny stories every day that hardly make sense.
She can count and knows the alphabet.
She loves pretend play and is really good at playing independently.
She loves nursery and can hardly wait until preschool starts in the fall.
She loves to watch shows like Bubble Guppies, Dora, Diego, Blue's Clues, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse etc but also loves to wait for Lucy to get home from school so they can go outside and play together.
She loves gymnastics and is pretty good for her age.
She is a very smart little girl.
I love her so much! She brings so much life, sunshine, and happiness into our lives. I LOVE YOU my sweet little Norah!

Spring 2012, what we've been up to.

Poor little Kate being picked on by Lucy and Norah, atleast they are nice stickers.

Lucy playing soccer in the freezing rain.. it was so cold. She looks so hardcore with her bloody nose and all.

3rd year soon to be 4th year urology offspring. Our girls with Lilly Smock and Maddie Wilson.

Aunt Jenny sent this cute dress to Kate.

FHE building Noah's Ark, the kids loved this activity.

Self-explanatory haha she looks like a total Ludlow here. She is such a cute little bug. She looks so much like Lucy when she was a baby.

This is what I get to comb through every single morning, its awesome!

Lucy's bathroom rules...

My 3 little miracles.. love them so much!

Kate's face is priceless... Norah is always mugging on her.

Columbus Clippers baseball game

So happy to be out, I love when the weather gets nice so we can be out and about together.

The girls got a little bored watching the game so I took them for walk and we found this splash pad behind the outfield. Of course you know what they were thinking..

Next thing you know, they are both soaked!

More pics at the game

Kate is such a good little babe.

Sitting in her bumbo, Lucy was giving her hair streamers from her pom poms. Looks like she is ready for a nap.

Sean and Megan stopped a night to stay with us on their way to New York, they are both working out there for the summer. It was so fun to have them here.

Kate kicking her chicken legs in her car seat.

A day at the zoo before it gets too hot.

Norah can be such a pill sometimes.. I caught her coloring on the door and all I said was her name and this is what I got. She knew she was in big trouble.

Getting ready for church, man I love her!

Playing at the playground with friends.

Uncle Ken (next door neighbor) loves the girls. He is also our handyman :) I make food for him and he fixes our lawnmower, BBQ, etc.

Happy Easter! Giant Eagle learning and activities center had an Easter party, it was really fun!

Circus, the girls loved it!

More circus pictures, haven't been to a circus since I was a freshman in high school, Dave had never been to one.

There were rides at the circus and the girls loved them!

I love this picture so much, what a sweet angel.

Norah loved the easter bunny, Lucy, not so much.

I love how Norah holds Kate's hand at night. It's so sweet.

Easter morning, the kids loved their baskets.

Girl picture after church.

Luce coloring Easter eggs.

Lucy helped me make Easter jello.

Lucy left 2 eggs for Norah, so nice of her.

Egg bashing, Martin was the champion this year.

Going on a run.. I couldn't take Kate to the gym until she was 3 months so they came with me to exercise.

I always tell Dave that I want my own soda machine, a crushed ice machine, and a good popcorn maker (like the one they have at Target or the movies). This is the coolest machine, you touch the drink you want and then it gives you options like if you want cherry, grape, etc. It's awesome!

Little Kate at her 2 month appt, she was so sad after her shots. I took this picture of them by this little piggy because Kate is a little piggy.
Her stats at 2 months old on 4/12/12
weight, 11 lbs 2 oz
height, 21 1/4 inches
head circumference 14 1/2
I can't believe how big she is getting!

We stayed overnight at a hotel close by since Dave had a conference there. It was so fun even though only 20 minutes from home. The girls loved it!

Our family, Lucy is taking the picture.

I love this picture of Kate! I also love how she sucks on her hands and all of her snorts and squeals. Some other names we have called her besides cute little bug are piggy princess and kittie Kate. I love this little baby so much.

Lucy and Norah adore Kate. The first thing Lucy does when she walks in the door from school is ask where Kate is. They love to play with her and talk to her. Kate loves it too. She is such a friendly little baby and will smile and talk to anyone.

They make me tired but I can't imagine life without these three little sweethearts!